Each stage of the move is important

Information and Pre-arrival

An initial introduction on the day to day living in Basel and the surrounding areas, providing:

  • Individual, personal assistance and support throughout the initial stages.
  • Information on all aspects (registration at the authorities, housing, schooling, banking, etc,) with written information material as required
  • Orientation, explanation and advice on all aspects of your move.
  • Personal Tour of City/Region, on request


Welcoming you on arrival and ensuring you have a good, relaxed start here. This service includes:

  • Being met on arrival
  • Personal assistance to register with the local authorities
  • Help with opening a bank account, insurance, healthcare etc.
  • Accompanied orientation for the first few days in the region
  • Explanation and advice on schools/daycare etc.


Everything you need to know about housing from initial viewings to moving in. We are there to assist you with:

  • Housing search, accompanied or unaccompanied including special requirements
  • Translation, advice and support with the rental contract, payments and deposit account etc.
  • Help with handover of property
  • Setting up utilities etc.
  • Organisation of temporary accommodation on arrival or departure


With international schools, bilingual schools, local Swiss and German schools, you have a wide range of offers here in the Basel region, but which one is right for your child? For advice and support we offer our Education Service which includes the following:

  • Pros and cons of the various schools and systems incl. day-care options
  • Help in setting up appointments with the schools and/or day-cares
  • Cooperation with local authories/teachers (esp. with local Swiss schools)
  • Help with enrollment etc.
  • Accompanied parent/teacher meetings etc.

Cross border

A special service for you if you live in Germany and work in Switzerland:

  • Meeting on arrival as requested (airport, railway station, hotel, etc.)
  • Detailed orientation
  • Accompanied or unaccompanied housing search
  • Dealing with the various authorities, registration, insurances, bank account, etc.
  • Support with schools and/or day-care as required

V.I.P packages

When time is of a premium and travel commitments make it difficult to ensure a smooth relocation, we are here to help.

The executive package is tailor made for each client offering, as well as our standard individual and personal assistance, a more comprehensive service for all those time consuming details such as:

  • The logistics of co-ordinating arrival, moving in, etc.
  • Organising and assisting with tradesmen and deliveries, etc.
  • Accompanied visits to furniture stores, electrical stores; daycares, etc.

… and whatever else deemed necessary for a smooth relocation.


Just as important as the arrival service, the departure service ensures a trouble and stress free departure. Help is given with:

  • Giving notice on apartment/house
  • Letters of notice to various companies (insurances etc.)
  • De-registering with the authorities
  • Change of address
  • Handing back of the property and return of the deposit.

Survival package

Perhaps you can already speak the local language but you are not familar with the local system. Or you are looking for a property but you don't have the time for the research and making the appointments etc. Then this package can save you time and money (whilst avoiding any pitfalls).

Accompanied Survival Arrival (approx. 3-4 hours)

  • Registration at the local authority
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Information about local issues like insurances, health system, garbage & recycling etc.
  • Subscriptions for puplic transport
  • Public transport with children

Support to find an apartment or house. Unaccompanied minimum 3 hours

  • Researching housing market and setting up appointments
  • Information about the formalities, applications, rental contract, payments and handover

Accompanied - depending on the effort

  • Accompanied viewings of apartments and houes
  • We are also present when it comes to the handover of the apartment or house, we help you with the protocol and damage list and in advance we discuss and support things like internet, electricity, utilities, change of addresses etc.

We aim to give a comprehensive overview about housing, banking, schooling, daycare, pets and much more. We are constantly updating our information which covers all aspects of the move and the day to day living in Basel and the region. Our services are tailored to suit your needs and budget.

We take care of you!

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